King Awards Participating Jordanian Scientists at WSF

DEAD SEA —AlGhad— His Majesty King Abdullah II awarded a number of participating Jordanian scientists at the 2017 World Science Forum (WSF) in Jordan, launched at the King Hussein bin Talal Convention Centre at the Dead Sea today, Tuesday, under the patronage of by His Majesty.

Among the King’s awardees are Nobel Prize candidates Dr Omar Yaghi, founder and president of the Berkley Institute for global sciences, and Dr Shaher Momani, a top ten world mathematician since 2009.

Drs Munir Nayfeh, Barham Abu Dayyeh, Khaled Asfar, Ahmad Ghandour and Karem Zoubi were also awarded for their invaluable contributions in their fields.

Among the awardees were academics and researchers prized for their contribution to the progress of science throughout their careers.

Notably, a number of Jordanian public universities are beginning to rank among the top 500 worldwide, including the University of Jordan, the Jordan University for Science and Technology and the Hashemite University.

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