Lebanese President Aoun Demands Saudi Answers

CAPITALS — The Lebanese president has asked Saudi Arabia to clarify the situation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who announced his resignation in Riyadh.

Michel Aoun has not accepted the shock resignation of a week ago, suggesting words attributed to Mr Hariri should be treated with caution.

Iran and its Lebanese ally, the militant group Hezbollah, accuse Saudi Arabia of holding Mr Hariri hostage.

The US has warned other countries not to use Lebanon for proxy conflicts.

There is growing concern that Lebanon is becoming drawn into spiralling sectarian tensions between the region's biggest Shia Muslim power, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, which is mainly Sunni Muslim.

Mr Hariri, a Sunni leader and businessman, was nominated to form Lebanon's government by Mr Aoun in November 2016.

The announcement of his resignation on 4 November sent shockwaves through the region.


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