Jordan Drops on World Energy Trilemma Index 2017

AMMAN —AlGhad— Jordan has dropped to the 87th place in the 2017 World Energy Trilemma Index, from the 75th place in 2016, according to the World Energy Council’s latest report on Monitoring the Sustainability of National Energy Systems.

The report factors three main indices into the overall performance of any one country’s national energy system; Energy Security, Energy Equity and environmental sustainability.

In both the energy equity and energy security indices Jordan’s ranking has declined, from 52nd to 56th on the equity scale and from 106th to the 121st on the security scale.

However, in terms of environmental security, Jordan has advanced four places in the 2017 index to the 78th.

Regionally, the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region retains strong scores in the energy access and affordability dimensions but faces significant challenges in terms of security and environmental sustainability.

The 2017 Energy Trilemma Index reveals signs of progress on all dimensions of the Energy Trilemma. Eight of the 125 countries assessed achieved a triple-A score, down from 13 in last year’s index. Efforts to increase resource productivity and manage energy demand growth will be key in ensuring a balanced Energy Trilemma, according to the Report.

The Energy Trilemma Index, produced in partnership with global management consultancy Oliver Wyman, along with the Global Risk Centre of its parent Marsh & McLennan Companies, provides a tool that enables users to readily access the country as well as regional profiles contained in the report.

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