Occupation Troops Arrest 23 Palestinians, Military Push Deep into Gaza

Occupation Imposes Full 3-Day Closure on West Bank, Gaza

RAMALLAH/GAZA —AlGhad— Israeli occupation forces on Sunday imposed a full three-day closure on the West Bank and Gaza enclave, ahead of the Jewish Passover holiday, while troops arrested dozens Palestinian citizens.

According to Radio Israel, the closure will start Monday dawn and through Wednesday, denying Palestinians entry to the occupied city of Jerusalem and 1948- territories.

Israeli occupation troops earlier today, detained 23 Palestinians in various West Bank cities, the Palestinian Prisoner Society confirmed.

Troops stormed the cities of Ramallah, El- Beira, Hebron, Beathlehm, Qalqilya and Jenin and arrested 23 citizens.

Meanwhile, occupation military units made an incursion into east of Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, backed by military vehicles and bulldozers.

They pushed deep dozens of meters into the area and razed the Palestinian owned-lands.

Israeli occupation forces launch arrest campaigns on a daily basis against dozens of Palestinians in various cities and villages of the West Bank under various pretexts.


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